SpineSource, Inc. was founded in 2004 and is based in the St. Louis suburb of Chesterfield, Missouri, USA.  SpineSource has a consistent history of introducing disruptive innovation within the United States: primarily expandable cages used for intervertebral spinal fusions and vertebral body replacement.  These expandable cages have benefited surgeons, hospitals and most importantly, patients with spinal disorders because they provide a more atraumatic surgical technique, as well optimal sizing and positioning.

L-Varlock® is an expandable fusion cage, manufactured from titanium alloy that can help restore vertebral disc height and segmental lordosis to the lumbar motion segment.

L-Varlock® is the 24/7 expandable lumbar cage because it can expand up to 24.5º and 7.1 mm.  It is the only intervertebral spinal fusion cage with such a wide range of customizable angles and expansion heights to help match the patient’s anatomy.

L-Varlock® Expandable Cage is simple to use with a one-piece inserter and one expansion screwdriver.  The tactile feedback during expansion helps to provide confidence of optimal engagement and placement. Click here to request a Surgical Technique Guide.



The Mission of SpineSource is to provide the highest level of quality products and service based upon clinical expertise and ethics while delivering safe technology which promotes the well-being of patients with spinal disorders.


A proven leader in the introduction of unique and beneficial spinal implant technology.

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