L-Varlock® Expandable Cage has a large and open framework.

This provides a large footprint of bone graft packed within the cage to contact the vertebral endplates and bone graft packed within the disc space.

When expanding the L-Varlock® Expandable Cage, the expansion pin retracts posterior and can help compress the bone graft up and against vertebral endplates.  After expansion, the Bone Graft Funnel can be utilized to pack more autograft into the vertebral disc space.

The L-Varlock® is an expandable fusion cage, manufactured from titanium alloy that can help restore vertebral disc height and sagittal balance to the lumbar spine.

The L-Varock®, is the 24/7 expandable lumbar cage. It is able to expand in situ up to 24.5º of lordotic angle and 7.1 mm of disc height. It is the only intervertebral spinal fusion cage with such a wide range of customizable angles and expansion heights to match the patient’s anatomy.

L-Varlock® is very simple to use with a one-piece inserter and one expansion screwdriver. The tactile feedback during expansion provides confidence of optimal engagement and placement, while the open framework provides ample space for bone graft and bony fusion mass.